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We are your voice. Here at Roehampton Students’ Union, we value and represent the views of the students and encourage everyone to have their say. As a student at Roehampton, you are automatically a member of the RSU. Your membership to the Union is free and gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions and shape the future at the University of Roehampton!

RSU ensure that you are heard through embedding the student voice in decision making at the University. Your voice matters to us and we will use your feedback to enhance your experience during your time here at Roehampton.

Your RSU Officer Team

One of the easiest ways to voice your opinion is to start up a conversation with a member of your RSU Officer team. The RSU President, Vice President Education and Vice President Community & Welfare are elected students who are working to help you make Roehampton the best place it can be for every student. You can find updates from your Sabbatical Officers here.

They work alongside a team of 24 current students who are elected to their roles to represent groups of students. You can support the Officers by joining their Student Change Committees to work on issues that matter to you. Part Time Officers have role specific email addresses, which you can see here, so let them know what’s going on and how they can support you, follow them on social media, and pop into the RSU Office to say hi!

All Elected RSU Officers meet regularly for Students Union Council. At SUC they update on their campaigns and projects, discuss ideas, review policy and procedure as well as discuss amendments to the governance of RSU. Only elected members have a right to vote on issues but SUC is an open platform for students bring feedback and voice their opinions or  concerns. You can find previous SUC minutes here.


Department Reps and Programme Reps

Department Reps are experienced Reps who represent their Department, as each Department is different. They collect feedback, attend University meetings, and act as mentors for Programme Reps in their department.

Programme Reps are elected to represent the students in their Programme - they collect feedback and attend Programme Boards to create positive change. If you want to become a Programme Rep, let your Course Convenor know! Programme Rep Elections happen in-class in October and Programme Rep Training is from the end of October. Find the Programme Rep Training schedule and more information here.


Tell us your idea

RSU Officer Team and Reps exist to create positive change – we want Roehampton to be the best place for you. If you want to create change or have an idea about the RSU or the University you can let us know through the Ideas Page, fill in an Ideas form at RSU Reception, or come to see your RSU Student Voice Coordinator.


Nominate a member of staff for UR Amazing Award

UR Amazing Awards are RSU's way of celebrating the great staff and lecturers of University of Roehampton. We love sharing best practice and congratulating staff for going the extra mile. Nominate your favourite staff member here to award them a UR Amazing Certificate and they will be automatically nominated as Staff Member of the Year at the RSU Awards. You can also find nomination forms at RSU Reception.

Vote in RSU Election

The RSU Officer Team are elected each year by the students at Roehampton. Voting is really quick and easy and you will definitely know when it’s going on. Look out for all our elections promotion in February and March to see who’s put themselves forward for positions (it could be you!), check out their manifestos and pledges, and make sure you vote!

We also hold votes throughout the year on issues that students raise – ask us for more information. Student Council meets every three weeks and it’s the highest political decision making body of the Union, other than General Meetings and Students' Referenda. Any student can attend Union Council and debate an issue through a motion, although only elected members may vote.

Talk to us!

The only way we can create positive change and improve your experience is if you tell us what we can change! Come visit us in the RSU office based in Froebel College and talk to an Officer or staff member. If you see us on campus feel free to stop for a chat. We are here with you.

General enquiries: