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Societies – we need you! In these incredibly difficult times, we’d like to launch a campaign to help to create a community amongst our societies.

We’ve seen so many societies both in Roehampton and around the UK running some great virtual activity for their members and we want you to get involved!

Below we’ve listed some ideas on what you and your society could be doing during isolation and how you could still hold activity virtually.

The best bit? You don’t even have to submit a risk assessment! 


  1. Run a virtual quiz on Kahoot
  2. Netflix Party for our fandom and film societies!
  3. Online dance tutorials for people to do at home (great for wellbeing!)
  4. Ask your members to share their favorite society memories and photos
  5. Virtual book or podcast club
  6. Whether you’re Writing Society or Art Society, host some at home tutorials to teach people a new skill
  7. Stuck at home? Do a self-isolation blog!
  8. Host a virtual coffee morning
  9. Whether you’re from Muay Thai or Meditation, online Fitness classes would be fab!
  10. Live cookery class – maybe a 3-ingredient challenge??
  11. Academic Society? Why not share some study tips!
  12. Faith & Worldview society? Why not organise a virtual gathering or prayer session!
  13. Create a discord group and integrate it with spotify, gaming programs and other activities
  14. Creative society? Release a creative prompt for your members each day
  15. Online board games
  16. Dress up challenges - Friday night social style!
  17. Virtual bake off – get your committee to judge your members creations!
  18. Start a society blog

Get in touch with if you need any help or have any ideas.