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While we may all be stuck inside for a while, this is great time to develop yourself as an individual, get some new skills under your belt and develop yourself ready for future job roles. This may be a time to learn something new, set up a million pound business from your own home or start searching for your dream job - lets make the most of it! 


Interview Practice Online: 

Looking to get a part time or full time job? If you get a job interview, you are already 50% there of getting that job , but a little extra help in knowing how to answer those difficult questions or being prepared will make the difference of you getting that job that little bit easier. Check out Don Georgevich below, an interview expert who may just help you make the difference in getting that graduate or summer job. 

Skills Share:

Skillshare is a fantastic website, where you can find a variety of online course, from setting up an online business through Etsy, to developing your coding or Adobe Skills. Its a great resource, and can give you the skills which may give yourself that little bit extra when applying for future jobs.  Have fun and if anyone finds anything interesting please send us some photos or screenshots to our socials we would to know what you are all up to. 


While many of you may already have Linkedin, this is a great chance to set one up if you do not, or develop and add to your current account if you do have one. This is an article here: gives some really helpful information on how to set up a LinkedIn account and make sure its doing its magic. You can always use this chance to get your family to take some great photos for your account if you dont have one already. Get set up and be one step ahead of the crowd. 

The Shaw Academy:

The Shaw Academy are giving one free course during these tough times and why not try a Photography Course, wether photography, photoshop or they even have a smartphone course! You can find a variety of courses online here, from learning a language to developing your photography skills. Use this time to your advantage ,  and give it a go. 


Roehampton Careers Page: 

Now is the time to check out the Roehampton Careers page, and find out more resources which can direct you to your next career path. Aboves link is a suggested guide of activities you could be doing each year of university.  Getting involved in these will help you to build the key transferable skills and experience that graduate employers are looking for.  But don't worry if you haven't done these yet -  it's never too late to start! You can log in using your Roehampton account information.