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Ensuring we look after our Mental Health and Wellbeing is vital to continue to be proactive and being able to focus on working efficiently, we know this isn't easy so we have tried to put together some information which might give you some advice or guidance. 


Headspace is a great tool for various meditation which targets various outcomes, helps with your sleep helps to relieve anxiety and stress just to name a few. 


This app was voted best overall Mental Health App 2019 and has some helpful tools and insight to help shape up your mood. 

At the University of Roehampton, we have a large number of support services available for students with mental health issues.

The University offers a counseling service with professionally trained staff and a partnership with IAPT Wandsworth’s free support service. To get in touch with any of the support services contact health&


Forest is an app designed to help promote people to stay focused. 

'Forest is a concentration tool with more than 10 million downloads that helps you stay focused in a simple and fun way.

Whenever you want to concentrate on work or study, you can plant a seed in the forest, and in the next time she will slowly grow into a big tree.

If you can't stop the temptation, leaving this app during this time, the lively and lovely little tree will wither and die. Every day, you will have a forest filled with all the big trees you have today. Each tree represents the time you worked hard for.'

From there about us page on Facebook. 

Other services which can be found online are: 

Nightline: 020 7631 0101 (6pm - 8am term time only) or email:

Students against Depression offers information and resources validated by health professionals alongside tips and advice from students who have experienced it all themselves.

The Samaritans provide confidential, non-judgemental support 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide. You can contact them by phone on the national number 08457 90 90 90.

The university also have a whole page dedicated to supporting your Mental Health and Wellbeing the most up to date information can be found here: