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My Story
So far, studying and living at Whiteland’s has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. Now, two years since I started studying here, I find myself surrounded by amazing people, in which some I was lucky to meet and call friends. So, it is because my absolute love to this college and what it symbolises it is no surprise that I want to represent you again and be your College President.
For those who have met me, you will know how much I’m involved in our University. Not only I have been constantly on the front line of volunteering and I have been engaged in several RSU events but for the past 2 years I have been elected 3 times for different positions; class spokesman, May Monarch, College president. Notwithstanding, I have been a great representative for both of the flats I lived in.

Why Me?
It is for this experience that I feel confident enough to represent all of you, ensure your experience here meets its high standards and to establish an environment where people can explore themselves both academically and socially.



“I’m the president for you; your well-being is and will be my mission. Let us together make Whiteland’s better.
Q, here for you.
— 'Q' Khraisha

What will I do?
As your president, I will be the voice of Whiteland’s college, address any issues you may have. For instance, in my current presidency I stopped The Sett common room from changing to a computer suit, because of your feedback, and my ability to pursue behind those who are in charge, Whitelanders still have their social space. So, voting for Q means that you chose to be well represented as I intend to keep the student voice strong and loud, as it should be.

As you may be aware, Whitelanders face the challenge of connectivity, as Whiteland's distance from other colleges is relatively lengthy. Indeed, as promised before, I accomplished many successful events that resulted in people feeling better about their association with the college. Whiteland’s has seen a massive increase in the number of its social events and overall participation. However, I'm still aware that our college needs more. As a result, if I was elected, I'm planning to push for bicycle hub between Whiteland's and the rest of the campus, get Sky Sports in the common room and facilitate with dominos company to start delivering to Whiteland's campus.

Future together
Whatever your background, how old you are, or what kind of pizza you like, I’m the person you can come to for help. I’m personally aware of the stress of the physical and mental challenges that can be brought by the stressors of university life. I understand differences and this is why I believe I can identify with the obstacles students face.

I’m the president for you; your well-being is and will be my mission. Let us together make Whiteland’s better.
Q, here for you.