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I want to be a part of something bigger than i am.


Hello Badgers! 


My name is Michael Nieves. I am a Second-year Biological Sciences Student, and I will be running for next year’s College President of Whitelands. I will be working hand in hand with the Deputy College President to make sure the social aspect of this amazing campus improves daily. My aim is to make sure people look forward to the events hosted by the Whitelands team and continue the amazing work that this year's College President has done by further improving the Sett so it attracts, even more, students this year. I will be an inclusive president that takes cares of all students on and off campus and make sure that everybody will want to participate in every event we will prepare for them.


I am perfect for this role because I am a very easily approachable person that is outgoing, driven and determined person. I do not tend to take no for an answer, and I will fight for what I think is right for our college and benefits our students the most. Being easy to talk to will help students reach out to me so I can have a better view of the student's opinion and work towards a solution. I have an advantage over some students because this year I was chosen to be a Senior flat rep in Whitelands and it is made me realise what the college truly is and what new students think about how to improve it. These past two years I have had the privilege and honour of representing my students as a programme rep in my course. In the past, I have been voted multiple times as the student with most leadership skills. Therefore, I think I would be the perfect role; I’m a caring person that knows how to lead people into a better future.

Finally, I vow to be the candidate that makes your vote count. I will use the power of social media and work hands on with the College team to make sure you as students enjoy our time here in Whitelands College. I want to make sure that we all enjoy our best years in Uni!