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I'll be an unBALIevable Deputy President of Whitelands

My name is Tanya Robinson and I’m a first year Sport and Exercise student, I would like to run for Deputy President of Whitelands College. I’m originally from Bali where I was previously the Sport and Social Coordinator for my High school. Throughout my time in this role, I organised and hosted various social events such as formal events, trivia quizzes, talent shows, in addition to an international sporting competition where schools across Indonesia participated.

I would like to utilise the knowledge that I had gathered as the Sport and Social Coordinator and integrate those ideas as well as many others to Whitelands College. This consists of working closely with the Environment Officer to introducing a more effective form of recycling to Whiteland’s accommodation and throughout Campus. In addition, I intend to make Whitelands more actively involved with other colleges in the University. In order to do this I hope to create events that appeal to all students, so that every student has an opportunity to get involved in an activity that they enjoy. For example, these won’t include your average sporting events as I plan to spice up those events. However, if you don’t want to participate in sport then there will be alternative activities for you to involve yourself with. In addition, I would also want to introduce flat wars where winning flats would be able to win prizes. Furthermore, having lived on the Whitelands campus this year, I’ve been aware of the issues some students may have come across and thus make them more aware to the other college members to solve them in a more effective and faster way.

In the end of the day Whitelands College has the potential to be an incredible place to live and study but that won’t happen without everyone’s contribution so I would be more than happy to take on any suggestions and fight for them!