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My name is Shannon Hagland and I am a first year therapeutic psychology student. Many of you may know/recognise me from my heavy participation in the countless Whitelands group chats and Facebook pages set up from before the beginning of Freshers Week; I was so excited to have been accepted into my first choice university that I was on a mission to get to know as many people as I could. So far, my experience at Whitelands has been one not to forget, I have met such wonderful people and would love to represent you all as the Deputy President of Whitelands College.

The idea of being the Deputy President of Whitelands College appeals to me in many more ways than just one. The role itself is an honourable role which will not only challenge myself, but will also help me to change and make changes in reflection of your wishes and desires. I will be there as a form of support, a representative, and a listener. Bringing leadership, commitment and creativity to the role with a positive mental attitude.

So far, I have been enthusiastically active in extra curriculum activities during my first year of university. I am currently working in a team known as the Whitelands Crew where so far our main focus is to relaunch the Sett as more than just a ‘cafe’. We plan to do this through hosting a variation of fortnightly events in hopes to popularise the Sett and to encourage offsite and main campus students to come and see what Whitelands has to offer. If elected, I will definitely carry this crew on, attending all meetings and making sure that these events are better and widely communicated throughout the university with plenty of days’ notice.

In addition to this, I am currently a member of Whiteland’s first ever girls football team and will be competing in the Shitelands cup this May. I intend to stay a member of this team until I graduate, with hope that the team will continue to expand over time. It would be exceptionally nice to see more Whiteland teams being created and ran by the residents of this campus, with the support from myself and the elected President, so that the campus as a whole can experience attending events against other colleges and cheering on, supporting and showing off team spirit.

Overall, I want to see more students engaging within Whitelands as a whole, whether it is to help organise events, or provide feedback collectively.

I believe if we all work together, we can and we will make Whitelands more recognised and appreciated as a college.