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Vote me, a guy whose name reminds you a train for the welfare journey of the year. A Vote for Chu, A voice for you!

Beautiful people of Roehampton,


I am Chuchu Nwagu, I’m a third year Theology student and I am running to be your next VP Community and Welfare.


Why I want to be your next VP Community and Welfare:

Apart from not wanting to leave to Roehampton; the main reason I’m running is because I love Roehampton and I love you. Roehampton has been a place that has shaped my life in many good ways and it is all down to YOU – From the people that I’ve had a laugh with, met randomly on the bus to The Grand and Fez, shared a cry with, received advice from, and most important shared a life journey with; it is these experiences that have brought me to this day and I’m grateful.


This is why I’m running for VP Community and Welfare because I want to give back. Helping others succeed is what I want to do and seeing you all succeed will be my joy. We all deserve an each chance of success; and it is because of my love for you that I’ll fight for you to ensure that we break the glass ceilings to your well-being and your success as well as creating a University and Student’s Union that you want to be part off.


What I pledge to bring to the role:

A voice for all and a visible face, an eagerness and strategy for change, my wacky sense of humour, a celebrant of our diversity; as well as my fun, approachable, quirky and passionate nature.



I’m a Flat Rep in Elm Grove, idea’s advocate for Elm Grove laundry, Student Mentor for Off-Campus students, a Committee Lead on the Mental Health Network, worked for the Roehampton Library, sit on the Student Senate and one of the Digby Captains.



  1. Adopt an Open-Door policy; with Drop in hours
  2. Build upon existing conferences; while introducing two new ones.
  3. Continue monthly campaigns; introducing new themes and bi-weekly sub campaigns
  4. Introduce Safe/Rest Spaces on Campus
  5. Increase awareness of social, welfare and political issues affecting students
  6. Increase student and staff access to First Aid and Mental Health First Aid training
  7. Improve our interaction with the local community
  8. Improve our relations with faith/cultural based students
  9. Lobby the University on issues with accommodation
  10. Lobby the university to subsidise graduation costs
  11. Lobby for increased funding for Mental Health Services
  12. More interaction with Off Campus, International, Mature and Postgraduate students
  13. Reform the Sexual Harassment Reporting system and introduce ‘Tell Us Once’ Policy
  14. Regular updates and communication


Let’s have fun, let’s unite and let’s create visible change that matters for you; so Vote me, a guy whose name reminds you of a train for the Welfare Journey of the Year because a Vote for Chu is a voice for you!


Your Voice, Your Union, Your Roehampton


Vote Chuchu Nwagu #1 for Vice President Community and Welfare

Vote #1 for United We Stand.