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As humans it is innate for us to learn from our mistakes, to try and learn. You take each step at a time and you learn which path works best.

Twelve months ago I stood in elections to be the next VP Welfare, hoping to give everything I could for the students who had given me so much and make Roehampton the best place it could be. I set up a yearlong campaign standing up to discrimination, with a different focus each month. Racism, sexual harassment, religious discrimination, homophobia, mental health and physical disability discrimination, sexism and labelling have been the issues I have been addressing. I have held debates on platforms of diversity that have never been touched, allowing students to speak on the issues that have affected them. We had our very first Roehampton Pride walk, engaging sport teams and the LGBT+ society together to support our campaign against homophobia. I have given our students' debates, educational workshops, guest speakers, guest campaigns and we even had a BOP theme! I promised I would tackle the issues you care about and next year if you re elect me I will be continuing to tackle the topics you believe matter at Roehampton.  


“I have learnt my path now and that is helping you to have the best experience you can.
— George Cole



This year I have worked on lobbying the university to stop the rise of accommodation prices and I succeeded. I helped save students £500,000 by fighting for you and your accommodation! I also developed the accommodation fair this year in Grove House which saw record numbers through the door and I have just started to work on the accommodation survey so I can ask the university to improve your halls! Accommodation and maintenance are big problems here at University of Roehampton and if you re-elect me next year, I will be continuing to fight for improvements into standards of halls and maintenance response times.  You deserve to have the best homes possible and I can battle to make this happen.

Along with the campaigns above, I hope to focus on rest spaces and safe spaces. More and more of our students are needing a place to feel free from anxiety or prejudice. Whether that be from panic attacks or a quiet place to inject their medication, students deserve a shelter to relax. We already have some basic spaces, but getting the university to sign post these and mediate these will be key to improve the experience of our students.

I care. I give my life to this job and to the students I support, whether that be the 3am phone calls for help or the many hour long meetings to help with the new counselling centre we built this year. I just wanted to give back this year and if you re-elect me as your Vice President of Welfare next year I will continue to be the person you rely on and can trust but also the personyou need.

I have learnt my path now and that is helping you to have the best experience you can.