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Zib Nyatito

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Things have changed. Now we need to progress. My name is Zib Nyatito, I am a second year Business Management student. I have lived in London for over 16 years and being a mature student as they call it, Feel like I have the right skills and attributes to be elected as the Spring Mews Liaison Officer. My experience stems from a number of work streams in my personal career in the Sport & Entertainment industry over a 7 year period.

The ultimate aim is to make Spring Mews more enjoyable. Having spoken to most of the residents here at Spring Mews I have a very good understanding of people’s belief’s and cultural backgrounds so it’s my aim to make it a place for everyone to be able to interact with each other and ultimately become one unit.

I will be the voice of Spring Mews to ensure the interests of all students at Roehampton University are being heard and objectives are delivered back in a timely manner. I am already fully aware of a number of issues raised by my fellow residents at Spring Mews that I am ready to present at the Student Union Council if I am granted the opportunity. This opportunity will not only allow me to help students with Spring Mews agenda’s but also on a mentoring capacity of which I have over 4 years’ experience in.

I plan to hold a weekly drop in session for all issues but most importantly ideas on how we could improve the transition between the University and Spring Mews residents. I will be available on email at any time and be very quick to respond in an efficient and appropriate manner. Communication is key, so I will need your suggestions and idea’s regularly so I can liaise with the President, VP Community and Welfare to ensure all topics remain current.

Social events are a big part of university and with us being some distance away from the Main Campus, not all students can afford the commute from University Socials, a luxury for fellow Students living in and around the University but not for Spring Mews residents. Our last reliable train service departs Barnes every day at 23:56.

My main objectives as Spring Mews Liaison Officer are to,

  • Bridge a gap between the University & Spring Mews.
  • Be your point of call on issues concerning residents at Spring Mews.
  • Arrange social interaction activities around London to help integrate all Roehampton residents.
  • Arrange a weekly mini bus shuttle from University back to Spring Mews on relevant social events.
  • Plan & Implement a welcome strategy for new students moving into Spring Mews.