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Make sport big and they will come. My name is Sam Pett and I am extremely passionate about raising the sporting profile of Roehampton. As a keen sportsman I represented my secondary school and have experience as both a coach, player and referee in basketball, football and rugby to name a few. I currently play for the Froebel Zeebras, a team who play in the LUSL leagues and I am in my second year of Primary Education.


Sport is a great way to keep the mind and body fit. I would encourage anyone to get involved in keeping an active lifestyle and become part of a sporting society. There are some great teams at the university, both socially and in their ability to compete. It would be great to see the university increase in their sporting profile and encourage more students to become part of a successful rise up the BUCS league tables.


My aims if elected for this role are:

  • Try and create more links with the RSU so that sports events and teams are given more publicity and support for their matches and fundraisers. I would also like to work with the RSU to create a health week based around fitness and nutrition as well as holistic help. A healthy body supports a healthy mind.
  • Photograph or video every home sporting fixture to raise the profile of sport at Roehampton across social media. This can help to find sponsors and therefore provide more funds for sport Roehampton to buy equipment to support the societies and teams.
  • Work closer with the union to create a sporting feel on a Wednesday afternoon and get all of the societies more involved to create a large sporting social event.
  • Looking to change memberships to offer a termly charge as well as a one off payment.
  • Create links with more local clubs to use their facilities and provide players for their teams.
  • Look into supporting societies such as Lacrosse and Athletics to raise awareness of these and other societies to increase the membership of students getting involved in sport at Roehampton.
  • Aim to make off campus participants feel more involved and create more sporting socials which work with them so they can attend, Varsity and sports awards are well attended but other events and socials should be created.
  • Work on the current success of women only workouts and the great work of the tennis team to get students involved and broaden this to other sports to reach as many people as possible. We could use funding from outside bodies such as the RFU to implement activities such as O2 touch rugby therefore getting more people interested in the sport.


Although these are my initial plans I am always ready to take on board the ideas of others and feel I would make an easy going and easy to talk to president.