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Tackling your sporting issues off the pitch, like I tackle the opponents on the pitch.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jordan Harris, and I am running for Male Sport President and would love you to vote for me!

Sport is the air that I breathe. It has been an enormous part of my life since I was a young child with the sports I have competed in being quite the diverse range; these include hockey, cricket and athletics. Further to this I am a second year student studying Sport and Exercise Sciences and I am the current Captain for the University Men’s Football First team.

Having been a member of a Sport Roehampton club for almost two years now, I know there are certain aspects of our sporting life at university that could be improved/adjusted to further enthuse us as students to take part and compete against other universities.

Some of the ideas that I would like to put in place as your Sport President next year are as follow:

  • Introduce first aid training for sport club members so players are prepared for situations in training and competitions.
    • As well as this each club being given a first aid kit that with the basic sports first aid equipment, i.e. instant ice packs; deep heat; deep freeze; plasters & tape.
  • In addition to getting first aid training for clubs, I know that a lot of you would like the idea of having a physiotherapist at the university, this might not be possible for Sport Roehampton/the university itself, however at the least I would like to look into producing a partnership with a physiotherapy clinic to get reduced prices on physiotherapy sessions.
  • A lot of students come to university and have to give up sport due to the fact they have lectures on/during the BUCS fixtures on Wednesdays, I will look into working with the VP Education for next year to say adios; au revoir; ciao or bye bye (whatever your preference) to Wednesday lectures.
  • I want sport to be more inclusive for the women of the university, so adding to the idea of WOW, I would like there to be more publicising of sport for Girls at the university, and more frequent events.
  • For the purpose of Play memberships, I would like to introduce new sports to the university to appeal to a wider audience. Sports such as American Football, Cricket and maybe more diverse sports like water polo.
  • Students are often tentative at the idea of purchasing either/both the £85 Olympic and £100 gym membership, I would like to discuss with both Sport Roehampton and Nuffield Health the idea of doing a combined deal in which you get your Olympic & Gym membership at an overall reduced price. Additionally, possibility of providing training kit: shorts and socks as part of the membership.
  • Equipment renewal after the Christmas break.

I would like to show you, the students, the passion and drive that I show my teammates on the football pitch as your Sport President next year!