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You can spend a whole life learning and perfecting a sport, but that sport can teach you things you never knew in a instant.

Hello all my beautiful fellow Roey students.

Thank you for taking time out your busy day to read this manifesto, I hope you will agree and also feel inspired by my plans for Sports at Roehampton, without further ado let me begin; 

My not so emotional story.

When I was just a wee baby, my father was told that I'd never be able to play football, nor take part in any sports. He was told in all probability I wouldn't be able to walk. My Father contested this statement and said I wouldn't walk, I'd run. So when at 12, after years of watching my friends on the play ground, I joined my first football team and played my first game. My Father said to me "son, anything you do from here, you've proven them wrong".

 Unfortunately, the Doctor was right about one thing, I still can't play football, just ask anyone in the Digby Lions. That said, I have learned and gained so much from sports, and now I want to put back in to an area of my life that has given me so much. There are so many elements of sport, competitive or not, that you can take with you throughout your life. It is my aim to make sport at Roehampton open, accessible and amazing for everyone. GO SPORTS


Second year Drama student, Chairman of Digby Lions, University welcome crew, got drunk at varsity, 1st year program rep, ran a terrible nightclub in Bristol, college cup captain, once interviewed Ronan Keating, taken part in university events, got rejected by 13 girls at one of said events, raised money for RAG, once got knocked out stopping some chavs from stealing a packet of crisps at my local. 

My Ambitions as a Sports Pres

  • A more personal connection between Roehampton Sports, it's clubs and students on and offline.
  • More focus on training club members with coaching, fitness and nutrition.
  • Events for promoting disability sports, having outside clubs come demonstrate. 
  • Work with the LGBTQ+ community to overcome difficulties facing them in sports.
  • A budget tour as well as Sports tour for students who many not be able to afford to go abroad.
  • Every student at Roehampton to try out one sport.
  • Work with Clubs outside of Roehampton to offer students other options.
  • Create volunteer positions within Roehamptons clubs in various sports sciences, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition ect..
  • Interviews and press releases on social media with sports clubs throughout the season. 
  • Student sports socials, whereby we arrange to do sports not taken on by Roehampton, baseball, rounders, cricket ect...
  • In house university sports tournaments and mixed sport socials. 
  • Have sports ambassadors engage with students throughout the year for those who may have been too worried to try out for teams during freshers week.

I hope to build on all of the work that has been done by Sport Roehampton in the past years, although my goals may seem above a mountain, I am willing to climb it for you.