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I'm up for round two, with a voice for YOU!

Hi I’m Jacob I’m a second year history student and a flat rep on Southlands and the Incumbent Interfaith Officer, I must say it has been an interesting year serving as your Interfaith Officer. From attending a sabbath dinner and making challah bread to wondering about campus making notes regarding the catering options available for the various faith groups. (And actually enjoying it), I feel that from what I’ve learned this year I am now in a better position to make change in Roehampton. I would like to take the time to focus on practical matters as well as working transparently in the RSU.

Here at Roehampton we have quite a diverse community much like most of London, even before introducing the faith element. I would do my utmost to see that the various faith based societies able to work in expressing their faith on campus and educating each other about each other’s faiths. Together we can and we will make Roehampton even better! My promises to you are as follows:

Expansion of the catering options on Campus.

This January we have had a new catering company replace Chartwell’s in providing catering across the campus, with this has come a change in menus around campus. I would campaign to see the increase in provision of halal options available at campus catering facilities, which has been severely decreased, and on par in price with similar products.

Promoting and encouraging our welcoming atmosphere.

I will strive to make sure that everyone, regardless of faith or none is able to feel welcome and included in university life. I recognise that their faith regardless of how large or small a denomination it is I recognise it is important to them and I would make sure they are able to practise their faith on campus freely and without issue.

An expansion of dry on campus events which are open to all.

I would work with the RSU and the University Chaplaincy to increase the amount of alcohol free events offered throughout the week, as well as expanding the amount of religious festivals celebrated on campus, I would do this by encouraging religious and secular societies to host these events. I would also campaign to see the university terms consider more religious holidays.

More Dialogue!

Relatively self explanatory again I would like to engage with sociaties to promote dialogue and understanding between the faiths on Campus.

As I said last year I’m not going to pretend to know what every individual faith group needs. However, I would always keep an open door and an open mind and be ready to take action on behalf of any student of any faith, to ensure they get the best possible experience at University without compromising your faith.