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Charlotte Caidan

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I am currently studying Drama, Theatre and Performance studies at Roehampton University which I enjoy thoroughly, but from a very young age, my passion has been for Sports. I am an extremely big advocate for students to get involved in sport of any kind, this is why I have dedicated my second year to creating an enjoyable, sociable and active Lacrosse club at Roehampton University. The reason why I wanted to establish this club was because Lacrosse, for me, is a very energetic, unusual sport. Many students have not heard of this sport so I wanted to bring something different to Roehampton University that everyone could love.

Netball has been an important part of my two years at Roehampton. It has pushed me to become a well-rounded person and a very strong team player. Netball is not just a competitive sport, but a social sport in which players, from beginners to an experienced level, can play without feeling the pressure of having to meet a certain standard. Through this I have learnt how to engage with players who are new to the sporting society which I feel is a key quality to have as a Sports President.

Being a Sports ambassador throughout my second year has been a very rewarding experience. Becoming more involved in sports through the ‘Try it, Love it, Live it’ campaign has helped other students, who perhaps aren’t able or don’t want to play on teams who play competitively to be apart of sport and fitness in an innovative and exciting way. This has been one of my favourite things to promote as it delivers a wide range of opportunities to all students of Roehampton.

Students of Roehampton should vote for me to be Sports President because I would encourage and motivate fellow students to engage in sport that will have a positive effect on both their social and university life. Not only is sport of all kinds encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as giving the excitement from the competition,  there is an enormous sense of community from being part of a team. The thing it’d most like to promote and achieve in my last year at Roehampton if I were to become Sports President is to promote how students are able to set up their own sports club as I have and be the support system they need for this to happen.