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Right Kaysh Right Time

I’m Okasia Brown, known as Kaysh, a 2nd year sport and exercise science student, which I am a programme rep for, making me a focal point for change and a university leader.

I am running for the position of female sports president as I’ve been involved in a range of sports at different competitive levels including football, athletics, cricket, swimming etc, at all levels of education and became a committee member for the university football team at the start of this academic year. 

I want to put sport at the heart of an active healthy Roehampton, by combining the work set up with The Hive and Growhampton I wish to encourage healthy eating for students. 


My main aim is to maximise participation in all sports across Roehampton university as well strengthen bonds between the teams, I attend to do this by introducing competitive events between teams (e.g. an ultimate sports team challenge) and have a university sports day. I have a strong link with Pryzm in Kingston and have come to an agreement in having free and subsidized entry and drinks for members of sports team and societies at the university, I wish for this to bring us together.

My second aim is to maintain affordable membership prices and subsidise costs for some students that struggle to find funds for sports. I worry that students are in danger of being priced out of sport participation. I also wish to include a payment plan for those students that cannot afford to pay in larger sums. I’d also like to promote more fundraising to subsidise costs.

My third aim is to elevate the less popular sports clubs to increase participation and encourage greater success in all competitions, in doing so I wish to promote the focus sports, with local senior clubs allowing them to thrive.

Finally, I wish to professionalise sports team, I intend to do this by securing physiotherapists and strength and conditioning cover for players, safety is important within sport, and I wish for more players to engage in first aid courses. As we are all aware, social media has a large impact hence why I wish to have professional yet humorous social media pages for each team, having weekly updates and match reports, providing information on scores and players of the match.


As your female sports president, I want to be a vocal point for a change and a leader for all voices on campus, I wish for everyone to be included hence why I want to work closely with societies e.g. LGBTQ+ and ACS I want the male and females teams to integrate more, have mixed gender sessions, as we can both learn off of each other.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas to put forward, Id love to hear from you and support you