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Hello Southlands, I’m Shaad Chellapermal, I’m a second year studying photography and I’ll be running to be your college president for the next academic year. This role will require me to represent your opinions, your voice, and the students of Southlands College in general. 


Why am I running?  
Being an international student, Southlands College is for me the place I consider home here in England. I’ve now lived two years on Southlands and both of those years have been amazing. The college has provided a lot to me in many different ways. Since my first year here I was in charge of taking photographs for college events, I was then soon appointed as photography officer. I am also a current flat representative on Southlands and having these chances enabled me to meet wonderful people, and to be more involved in the college life and the college community. Southlands College is also supporting me in regards to my photography as they included me in their venture project. The fact that the college has given me all these opportunities I want to do something in return to the college, as well as wanting to make sure that each and every resident and student of this college has an amazing time here at Southlands.


“The fact that the college has given me all these opportunities I want to do something in return, as well as wanting to make sure that each and every resident has an amazing time here at Southlands.
— Shaad Chellapermal

My ideas:

On campus students: 
One of my main concerns will be to improve the life on our campus, whether it is on the social or academic point of view. 




  • Upgrade for a better Wi-Fi in halls
  • Ensure that rent is not increased
  • More washing machines and change machines
  • Introducing an activity for Saturday afternoons
  • Being present and available for every flat representative and their freshers'

Concerning all students: 
In order to make Southlands even better than it’s already is, I want to make changes that will benefit both on campus and off campus students.

  • Southlands gate 24 hours
  • 24 hour study room in Queens building
  • Regenerate the quad
  • Printer in the Reef
  • Sounds system in the Reef
  • Oyster top up on campus
  • Cheaper food in the canteen
  • Making myself accessible to all students





I will also work closely with the Deputy President to organise events that will benefit every student. My goal is to make sure that we have a diverse range of events that all students can attend.

I want to install a suggestions box in the reef, this will enable students to voice any queries anonymously which I will then take to weekly college meetings.

The regeneration of the quad will help build an outdoor social space where residents and non-residents can spend their free time. This will include social activities, benches and new trees around the quad.

Being the current holders of the college cup, it is important that as a college we work together in order to bring the trophy home once again, where it rightfully belongs.