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Hi! I’m Thaniyah, a current 2nd year student in English Literature, and I am running for the role of Deputy President of Southlands.

My time at Southlands has been an incredible experience. I have only been a part of the college for a year as I lived on Digby last year. However, I was always on Southlands, I only ever went back to sleep; I even ate all my meals on Southlands at my friend’s flat. I loved how friendly and welcoming the Southlands community was and I knew I wanted to be part of it. This year I am a flat rep on Southlands and it has been so much fun and I know next year will be the same.

I am the current Charities Officer which means I have been helping the college to raise money to donate to charities of our choice. Recently I adopted a Shark via The Shark Trust for Southlands which we have named Lenny, and put on many film nights to raise money. This officer role has helped me realise how much I enjoy putting on events and doing things for my college. I believe that as your Deputy President I can continue to excel in this area by putting on fun and exciting events for you. 

“I believe that as your Deputy President I can continue to excel in this area by putting on fun and exciting events for you.
— Thaniyah Miah

As Deputy I would really like to focus on:
Off Campus students: I understand that for off-campus students, events are difficult to attend. Therefore I would like to organise more day events for students to attend and these events will be chosen by the students themselves. This way there will be events that off-campus students are interested in attending.

Current Events: I hope to maintain current events and ensure that they will still be put on next year. These events include the boat party, Shitelands, summer shindig, movie nights, and the more formal events of Christmas dinner and celebration dinner.

RSU: most RSU events are held on either Digby or Froebel which means not many people tend to venture out to Southlands. I hope to try and bring more events put on by the SU to Southlands.

Flat reps: I believe that the flat reps need more social events. I hope to put on a flat rep social once a month.

College Cup: as the current holders of the college cup it is important that we maintain this. I hope to pull together a focus group who will help to take part in the college cup and win us the trophy once again.

Adopting a Shark: next year I hope to adopt 3 more: Basking Shark, Whale Shark, and the No Limits? Shark.

Reef as social space: a social space for residents and non-residents to get together. I would like to put on game nights once a month, games could include: board games, FIFA tournaments, karaoke and guitar hero. I would also like to put on pre-drinks on the first Friday of every month in the reef.