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The end is nigh if you don’t Vote Levi!


Southlands! My name is Levi Mbiya and I’m running for the role of Southlands College Deputy president.

My Motivation

My journey as a student was different to most people that live on campus. I began my journey at Roehampton living off campus for 3 months travelling to and from university. This was difficult for me, as there was long periods of time between lectures which I felt slightly lost. The attraction of living on campus started to grow. I found myself affiliated with Roey as a whole rather than Southlands (I was missing out massively).

I moved onto campus and the rest is history - just like your typical love story. The people, the atmosphere on lecture days where the reef is filled with people and the togetherness of such a small community is evident. Southlands for me is where my heart is and I’m proud to be part of such a college.

My passion and drive as well as the people and college life is immense, whether I am in the shark costume, or helping the newly formed women’s football team train - I’m not afraid to get stuck in. I strive for success and never stop as I want the best and Southlands will get the best if they vote for me. I will make sure Southlands have a year to remember from the beginning to the end.


I am currently a flat rep on Southlands and I can’t get enough of this place I call home. I want to make everyone’s time on Southlands as special as the time I’ve had here, and I want to make everyone’s memories of Southlands fond ones.

My ideas

  • Sunday Sessions in the Reef monthly (with live music and performances)
  • Movie night weekly in the Reef
  • An exclusive, new event Southlands college Fest
  • New Notice board Installed in every block to be updated with every months event
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Readily available College information at the touch of a button on Instagram and Snapchat
  • The continuation of The Sharkettes football team
  • Reef Fifa Tournament
  • New Annual Blind date event
  • Bigger Shitelands
  • New Inter block Competition
  • College cup focus
  • New and Improved Southlands officers committee
  • Use a the new suggestion box to get events that on and off campus students would like


These proposals have all of the Southlands community in mind; the off campus students and the on campus students alike. People may consider it the smallest college but I know all the sharks have a big bite and everyone will know Southlands, as the talk of the town if I get this role.

Lastly, Sharks my main aim for a successful year is to bring the College Cup back to Southlands as well as making Shitelands bigger and better! I want Southlands to be shooting for success! Vote for me, Levi if you want a big year ahead!


Sharks, the end is nigh if you don’t Vote Levi!