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Because together we can make a difference for the better..

Hi. I am Naglaa ElBaz, an international research student, who is also a single mother, professional and activist. That is not to say I am unique, for that's the case with most of postgraduate students. Yeah, we are the "older" members of the student community, but I prefer to say "mature". Most of us are juggling different responsibilities, dealing with loads of stress, while seeking to do more for ourselves and our families. Therefore, investing our time, effort and hard-earned money in a postgraduate degree is a big deal with its hanging potential on one hand and the number of challenges on the other.

Trying to make this as brief as possible, let me tell you why I am running for postgraduate officer:

  • As postgrads, whether on taught or research programmes, we don't have the time to keep chasing things on campus. However, that is not a reason to be dealt with as a secondary body of students. I will do my absolute best to make sure that our needs and concerns will be present in the planning process of the different aspects of our programmes and student life. Pushing for full integration of the postgraduate community and creating more activities and events which are specifically designed to support mature students.
  • Employability is another major concern, whether you seek to get into academia or not. The difficulty of finding the right job placement is actually higher for postgrads. I will work on creating more employment chances for postgraduate students, providing the right kind of support, training mentoring and organizing employment fairs that meet their aspirations.
  • More funding for postgraduates at Roehampton will enable more students to complete their degrees successfully, as well as enhance the overall quality of research, which will in turn improve our university ranking. With all the budget cuts, we have to make sure that financial support will always be available for those who need it, and that there is enough to sustain the scheme of activities, events and training that we aim to increase on campus, as well as making more bursaries available for research students who wish to showcase their work and engage in the different academic events in their field.
  • Student services should also be pushed to provide more help for postgrads, especially those who have children. This is one thing I discovered through my personal experience as I was unable to find the right accommodation on or off campus. It seems like the big headache that everybody is trying to avoid. A lot of our postgraduate students are parents. Helping them with child care and accommodation should become a priority. London as a city is extra challenging in this respect, and I shall make sure that students who have children get the help they need to continue their studies.

Feel free to contact me and discuss what you would like to see. I will be there for you. It all starts with your vote.