Off Campus Officer

Ellen Dow

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University is a great adventure, one which many go through, however I felt that I didn’t get the proper University experience I wanted, because I lived off campus. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to have the best university experience, whether they live on campus or off campus, and I will make sure to see that it happens.

If you choose to elect me in as Off Campus Officer, I promise to you the following:


  1. Support for Off Campus students for when they feel like they’ve got no-one to turn to.

    1. Work with the RSU in order to progress the Off Campus Mentor scheme to provide support in the shape of an ‘off campus flat rep’ figure that students can look to for guidance in the shape of a friend.

    2. To discuss a possibility of getting the Psychology and Counselling students a chance to put what they’ve learnt to the test. To help out and be there for students that need a bit of extra support.

    3. I want to work alongside the Welfare and Community Officer to ensure all students know exactly where to go and what they can achieve here at Roehampton.

  2. Encourage the Off Campus students to engage with the social events (on and off campus).

    1. Working with the Presidents of Societies to help organise daytime socials and events, so that Off Campus students are able to to attend without the pressure of travelling home late at night, which includes events without alcohol.

    2. Working alongside the RSU to help advertise and promote socials and events of societies and other university affiliated groups, with enough time for students to become aware of these events.

    3. Organise events with Societies for Off Campus students, such as Roller Disco, Paint Balling, AirHop and other fun activities, to help encourage off campus students to join the community at the University and promote said societies to the students.

  3. Deliver an alternative to the paid Freshers Week Wristband, to ensure all students get the equal experience.

    1.  I hope to plan and organise, not only an Freshers Week timetable for Off Campus students, but one which is inclusive of all students who do not possess a paid Wristband.

    2. As many students abstain from drinking alcohol, we will cater events and socials to focus less on the party atmosphere, more on the social side of university.

    3. Working alongside new and existing societies to bring taster sessions of what it could be like to join them before paying the membership fee.

Since becoming a Student Mentor for the Off Campus community this September, I decided I wanted to be the one to bring people together and make the University more connected to their Off Campus students.