I'm your Off-Campus Officer!

My name is Nathan Lamb; I’m a second year Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies student. I work for the RSU events team, so you have probably seen me working at many events throughout this year. I really enjoy being part of the RSU team and enjoy seeing all of you guys at the events! This experience allowed a gain in confidence and approachable nature which will make me the ideal candidate. 

My main Ideas/ Goals:

  • To look into the possibility of security being able to access off campus students living in the Roehampton area. I feel that off campus students have the same opportunities and needs that the estate department offer for on campus students. 


  • How many people in this past semester had issues with their landlords or estate agent? As it stands there is no current out of hours number for tenants to be able to contact when something goes wrong. I am wanting to work with the university to lobby for better commitment from estate agents and landlords. 


  • I want to further improve the communication between the RSU, University and Off Campus students to further improve knowledge of events. I would achieve this by setting up an email which will send weekly updates on upcoming events, this will allow students to plan their weeks better and further involve off campus students in on campus activities. This would be a opt in service which would be sent on a Saturday. I am open for any further advice on what to include. 


  • How many times have an Amazon parcel been left unattended outside your home with no one there to receive it? My aim is to meet with the head of estates to discuss the accessibility of using the already functioning postal service for off campus parcels or the other option of enquiring into the ability to get Amazon lockers. 


  • I aim to enquire about the possibility of setting up Santander bikes on campus, to make access onto campus easier and also a different means of access to Richmond park from campus. Not only is this a cheaper alternative, it would also help reduce the chaos of busses for other students and a great way to release stress and keep active. 


  • Not all students drink or enjoy nights out as well as inaccessibility for people living further away. To make university more of an exciting experience for those who live off campus, I want to hold events that can start to build the off-campus network so those students within the network have more chances to connect and socialise.


  • To make the process of gaining exemption for council tax easier.