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I’m known by the nickname Jobee, I came to University in 2014 & I took residence in Southlands as a business student. I am currently the social secretary for the Roehampton Business Society; where my role revolves around community, networking, culture & the occasional tipple. I am a keen health enthusiast with a competitive edge that strife’s towards success. As a natural leader, I welcome challenges with open arms & with a positive attitude.

After two years of study I have met many great people from all Roehampton colleges. I always try to be myself & will offer an honest opinion to the problems students face; even if it turns the occasional head in the process.

As a former member of the Mount Clare community I have experienced a fair share of poignant events. A lack of security presence on site, perished utilities and a vastly eerie atmosphere are just a few issues you will experience on the current campus environment.


“Let’s Care For Mount Clare – Jobee Warrick for MCSR!
— Jobee Warrick


In current times, my go getter attitude is strongly desired in a Mount Clare Site Representative. Currently, the delivery of improvements goes unnoticed. A few network ports & a few failed promises are the result of a sloppy site representative. If given the opportunity I will not allow such slacking for a second year running.

 If elected for the role I will focus my policies towards:

  1. Better Utilities: Working showers which are hot (even in winter), taps which have enough water pressure to fill the sink with, working heating that can be turned off when the sauna stage is reached & kitchen equipment that actually works.
  2. Full time security stationed on site: Offering faster response times for lock outs / welfare call outs & a friendly face to get help / advice from during campus closed office hours.
  3. Pleasant common rooms: Which students will actually want to use. This will include updating the Picasso building into a comfortable environment to enjoy during free time.
  4. A postal system that works: No more painful attempts to get the ID scanner to work & no more waiting for Mount Clare Postal Services staff.
  5. Improved Décor for student living quarters: Making rooms which offer opportunity for a comfortable living & renovating the corridors to offer a positive atmosphere.
  6.  Better use of the grounds: Whether that will be to create communal spaces to socialise in or make gardens to make an attractive campus.