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Hey guys,

My name is Joshua Malone. I am a 2nd year Sport and Exercise Science student.

I’m currently living on Mount Clare this year and know the campus very well. I’ve made it my home.

I want to make Mount Clare a more sociable place for all students. I feel I bring skills that fill this role especially as I’ve been named ‘Life of the party!’ due to making sure everyone is having fun in social situations and have had experience of what it’s like to live here.  I would like to make students at Mount Clare feel welcome and safe in making this as homely as possible for all. Students at Mount Clare deserve equality to the rest of the university campus.

Events: I understand the main campus has a lot of events to get students involved in the community side of the university, I want to bring that to Mount Clare by having events being hosted there so Mount Clare becomes a more vital part of main campus and allows students that live here to enjoy the campus.

Blocks: At Mount Clare we are placed into blocks and I would like to create competitive block events. This would involve the blocks of Mount Clare to play against each other to score points and at the end of the year, the block gets a prize such as free Bop entry.

Nature: I would like to add more to the environment of Mount Clare with more plants to add more colour to the campus. I feel Mount Clare needs more care and attention to its appearance. I believe I can make this change using my creativity and the team at Growhampton.

Common Room: The computer site and main common needs more things we students require, this being a possible ATM, better technological equipment in the computer suite as a lot of the equipment doesn’t work or function properly. I would like to make the main common room a place for students to excel in their studies or be able to relax and watch a film. A place for students to go to for their needs.

Safety: I personal know that the campus needs security and help to ensure the health and safety of all Mount Clare. The environment is quiet but I would like to put up a system where students must scan their cards to enter the campus after a certain time and have a security guard monitor the campus.

Sociability: I would like to make Mount Clare as sociable as the main campus by hosting Mount Clare events over the duration of living here so students can make friends with others at Mount Clare to create a more sociable community. This will allow students to bond and make the most of their year living here. From boring to exciting, making memories.