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Mount Clare is a site that has huge potential, to provide a better experience for students who are accommodated there. However currently improvements can be made, in order for these experiences to actually take place. This is where my position as future Mount Clare rep will be necessary! My name is Kallel Hunter and I am in my second year studying Sociology. I have lived on Mount Clare and observed opportunities that can benefit the rest of the students on site. I thrive off of understanding and communicating with other individuals. Especially when they share a common or similar experience to myself. In this case Mount Clare has aspects that I found to be relatable to other students living on the site. Making the process of improving Mount Clare more realistic and directly helpful. Since there is an overall distinction of what is good and what can be improved. I am resilient and always keen to listen to those around me. More importantly I aim to bring about positive vibes and good change, not just in Mount Clare but in students too.

As a Mount Clare representative I have range of skills to provide students at Mount Clare. Which I am willing and excited to share once I am elected. Students should not be made to feel abandoned! Mount Clare students deserve to be equal to rest of the campus and gain the same amount of respect and attention.

That being said my first goal to achieve as a Mount Clare Rep, would be to encourage a closer community. I believe that we as a community on Mount Clare can utilise the space of the common room, through workshops and events. Such as encouraging university societies to locate their meetings and gatherings there (Compared to gathering on the main site). This may include booking the room specifically for this happen. Having this area is extremely useful. I want to ensure all students across the campus, are more aware of this!

My second goal is to improve the communication between the Mount Clare campus and the main site. This will include encouraging the security team, to have a section of their team designated and prioritised specifically for Mount Clare. This will reduce the length of time it takes for security to reach Mount Clare and when dealing with issues concerning safety. Continuing with the topic of communication, accommodation complaints are currently not taken as seriously. Often leaving Mount Clare students feeling frustrated. This is not okay and complaints (especially regarding accommodation) should be pushed forward and respected.

My third goal to achieve is all about the convenient things students might need. Including; a change machine in washing machine area, a list of all the important and necessary phone numbers in all accommodation, also a spare stuff space area in the common room. Consisting of unused items that other students can use. Such as pots and pans, etc…

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any form of support! :)