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Hello there! My name is Majed Alqublan AKA ‘MJ’ and I am running for the position as your International Students Officer!

I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I’m Half Egyptian and Half Saudi Arabian. I have been living in the UK for the last 4 years.I have successfully completed my first year studies and I am now a second year student reading a Business Management and Accounting at the Business School.

I know what it is like to feel far away from home and have to adjust to new life every few years! I feel like I can relate to the new and current international students who come to the university and would very much appreciate the opportunity to be elected as your International Students Officer.

By representing the International Students I will:

  • Work with you to get you more socialized with university life by encouraging more students to join and take part in social and sporting activities.
  • Working with the Social Sec. of each college to create more interesting events that draws the international students and getting them to know or exposing them to the UK culture.
  • Promoting the international societies in a more organized way and makes it easy to access.
  • Making sure that the international students get more involved with the RSU events.
  • Supporting the internationals to get involved in any of the sporting activities.
  • Making sure that the international student’s voices are heard in weather it’s the RSU meetings or the general meetings.
  • Creating a feedback system to give those students the opportunity and the right to share and give their feedback straight to the RSU team in order to improve and move forward to a better university.
“I know what it is like to feel far away from home and have to adjust to new life every few years!
— MJ


Since day one, Roehampton University has opened its arms for me and made me feel like I’m home. I couldn’t ask for better people to share my Roey experience with. The support I get whether it’s verbally or mentally I will always cherish and for that I chose to run for this role. It’s about time that I start to give back to the place that provided me love, good friends and home.


There’s nothing more enjoyable to me to make sure everyone have a great Roehampton experience while they can, so feel free to send me a message or talk to me whenever wherever you see me on campus, off campus or find me on Facebook, Instagram even Snapchat! Everyone knows the best way to find me is at (The Union-BOP-FEZ-GRAND) oh you will see me everywhere if you haven’t already!

If you have any questions and would like to hear more about my ideas then please come along to the Candidates Question Time on Wednesday 10th March 2016 at 7pm.