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Hello everyone, I would like to start off with an introduction for those of you who don’t already know who I am. My name is Kaya and I’m a second year dance student, Froebel flat Representative and student ambassador. After living, studying and socialising on Froebel since becoming a student I have grew a keen interest in Froebel and everyone within the college, this is what inspired me to run for president, to help get points across that we all as students want to be heard.

Froebel is actually one of the smaller colleges, but we manage to have massive amounts of college spirt and support. This is amazing and something that I would like to continue to expand on. It’s us all as students that make the college what it is. As president I would like to begin to push more events that open up to a wider range of students, a variety of different events some including alcohol and nights out and others not, it always good to add a little bit of variety. I would like to make sure all of our events are accessible to everyone - I will ensure that all the transport we use has wheelchair access facilities, and I aim to start a new set of events called 'Strobe Free' events to appeal to those students who prefer relaxed social events. But of course let's still take our great Froebel spirit to Fez and Bop each week! 

“Froebel hasn’t has a female president in 8 years and as Froebel itself is a predominantly female college I think it’s about time we utilise this and have another female to take the role
— Kaya-Jay Smith


I know from being a student myself that student life can be very stressful at times so I want to make the most simple of things within in Froebel run as smoothly as possible for you all so you have less to worry about on top of your degree, by this I mean things such as adding a change or card machine within the Froebel laundry rooms so doing general tasks like your washing don’t become a challenge. I want to make sure that all of the Froebel students both on and off campus have working ID cards that allow them to get in and out of campus and around Froebel without the problems that many of us have been facing this year.

I would also like to propose that the accommodations throughout Froebel are re decorated as some of Froebel is beginning to look a little neglected, a little paint of more neutral colour and good spring clean could sort this out in no time!

To finish I would like to bring to attention that Froebel hasn’t has a female president in 8 years and as Froebel itself is a predominantly female college I think it’s about time we utilise this and have another female to take the role. My main interest is to make sure that all your views are listened to and if I was to be elected as president I would make this my main priority