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Hi! My name is Sierra Kamara and I am your BAME Officer. I have just finished my second year of studying criminology and sociology.


My favourite thing about Roehampton is how familial it all feels, that may be due to size or the or the strong student body spirit, but it’s presence can not be denied. Anytime I’m asked this question, I always say: “I feel like Roehampton is where the kids that aren’t ready to grow up yet go. Roehampton is the perfect place to not rush anything, you never feel like you’re competing or incompetent if you’re falling short. You are constantly reminded that you may have failed at certain things, but you aren’t a failure. The general acceptance of all students, and the continuous efforts that are made to ensure that they are going at their own pace is what makes the Uni so amazing to be at. It truly caters to each individual regardless of grades, gender, race, class, sexuality and so much more.


I am so excited to work on behalf of you all, to create an even more inclusive environment at uni. My three goals for next year are to:


1. Increase BAME involvement in the student union by introducing volunteering schemes that could essentially enhance employability prospects for them once leaving University, whilst simultaneously allowing them to orchestrate their own University experience.


2. More collaboration with alumni students who can speak based on experience rather than teachings. Creating a termly platform for alumni and current students to discuss academic plights and pleasures, and to share tips on what can be done to alleviate certain issues. These events will be titled #WhatIWishIKnew.


3. My last aim is to listen to and advocate accurately for all BAME students. This will be in the form of several focus groups where I listen to the needs to different groups at the intersections of BAME. There will also be more suggestion boxes and I will be available for regular chats.


I just want to help and advocate in the best way that I can, and that is by listening. So, if you need me, my email is