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irrespective of where we came from, we are all here for the same outcome!

Equality across the board is something I hold dear. As a woman from an ethnic minority who actively involves herself in keeping up to date with the student movement, notably, but not exclusively, BAME causes. I find that this role speaks to my passions and motivations for change. Although I am proud to say Roehampton embraces ethnicities and generally fares well, there is always room for improvements. I see it every day and think “I wish I could do something here”, and in this position, I feel like I truly could. An example is a course review board I recently sat on and every student that came to represent the course and answer questions for us was of white background. I want to work towards championing that everyone gets a fair chance on merit to really get heard and feel so passionate about adequate representation and fair chances for all. As a current programme rep, many feel as though they can come and talk to me on my course about differing issues before they speak to lecturers for guidance, to speak with them or on their behalf. I want to be able to do this for more people than just those on my course and really make time at Roehampton that little bit better for as many people as possible. There were times when I wish I had someone to represent me till I realised if I couldn’t find them... BE THEM!

As Ethnic Equality Officer, I promise the following:

·       Launch an Accessible social media platform where BAME Roehampton Students can share ideas, troubles and network across disciplines. I will make use of this forum myself as a noticeboard and as an easy way for students to then contact me for whatever reason.

·       Arrange a regular focus group Within my First week of appointment that any BAME student can attend. A more personal safe space to share their views and frustrations as well as a drop-in surgery to know their rights. With me, we will really BE HEARD!

·       Grow BAME student involvement within our own SU through the drop-in clinics as well as the forum. Not just within the university but that Roehampton’s diverse BAME community is adequately represented within the wider community events and student movement. Representation is ABSOLUTE KEY!

·       I will aim to create an intersectional network or committee through positive links with presidents of societies with BAME interest to get a better picture and thus a better way of solving issues affecting our BAME student body.

·       To encourage engagement with university life (BAME Events). I will aim to have a larger event per semester as well as smaller gatherings dotted throughout the year. I will try to collaborate with the chaplaincy to increase BAME engagement in their wider community and social justice actions.

·       I have many more ideas and very open for more. Feel free to email me on