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Hi I'm Matt.

As Environmental Officer, I would be liasing with the sabbaticals, Environmental department and Growhampton in promoting environmental awareness and action throughout the university. That means listening to you and taking your ideas to meetings to ensure the university is as sustainable as you see satisfactory.

We are a small community with sustainability at its heart, thanks to the wonderful efforts of Growhampton and the UR Green team. My ambition is to challenge the remaining environmental issues within our campus, engage more students in eco-friendly events and create an even greener ethos for future staff and students to enjoy.

I plan on brining both students and Growhampton closer together because both parties deserve it. Incentives for eco-friendly behaviour and wider opportunities are on the forefront of my mind, to promote sustainability in ways everyone can enjoy. I hope various social gatherings at The Hive and Lime Tree Wal's orchard will take us in this direction.

Below are some of the many points I will explore as your Environmental Officer.

  • Tackling our waste problem

Promoting further action for the university to provide more recycling and compost bins, encourage more eco-friendly merchandise to minimise consumption of single-use plastics such as bottled water, coffee cupt and plastic bags, and working towards a cleaner campus.

  • Raise student awareness - you can make a difference

My team and I will provide information on local legislation regarding waste; tips on a zero-waste lifestyle; a wide range of recipies involving greener ingredients and other eco-friendly topics, through different mediums including online. That way students living both on and off campus have access to more eco-friendly lifestyles.

  • Continuing support for Fairtrade and project work

Fairtrade Fortnight was well promoted in 2018 and we will look to further our support for the movement. I will work with a group of environmental enthusiasts to form new project work as well as continue progress of current ones.

  • Advancing Growhampton's work

Listening to concerns and ideas from their team, see if The Hive can do set deals for each weekday, look at ways to expand on our home-grown produce and what can be achieved with it; maintain relations with current Market Day companies while looking to expand or change based on student feedback from surveys, as well as supporting our community partners even more.

Honesty is important and I expect everyone to be honest with themselves about their contributions to the university's environment. Join me in taking the first steps towards a more eco-friendly and thriving Roehampton