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Hello! I am Kristina.

Through campaigns and events, I hope to raise awareness of environmental issues we are facing and encourage a wish to make a difference. We can affect the future, and so we should make it better. Therefore, my goal is to give you environmentally friendly habits that are cheap and easy that you can bring with you after you graduate.

One of the habits I will endorse is sustainable eating. If we think about where our food comes from and choose to buy locally produced vegetables, we can minimize our carbon footprint and support farmers and manufacturers in developing countries. The university is already running Fairtrade Fortnight, a campaign I will continue to run in addition to several others.

I also want to make the university more environmentally friendly. One way to do this, is to focus on waste management and reduction. I want to improve how the university administration, staff and students recycle, through continuing a project URGreen are currently working on: labelling the bins on campus. In addition, I hope to set up bins for food waste and/or compost as there are currently mainly bins for mixed recycling and general waste. When it comes to waste reduction, my focus is to minimize food and plastic waste. I will run campaigns informing how you personally can reduce waste, and I will work with the RSU and university on how we as a whole can reduce waste, for example by donating food to charities.

I will listen to your ideas and suggestions and bring them forward to the university. Together we can make campus more sustainable. Together we can make a change.