Environmental Officer


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I plan to work towards making Roehampton University a environmentally efficient and a more sustainable campus.

I will be a point of call for all environmental queries and come up with new and exciting ways in which students can recycle and work towards the overall aim. I will manage campaigns, events and competitions to involve all students. An example of some of the activities I’d like to implement are the use of compost bins in flats, home grown leaves and spices, and help and advice on ways to live environmentally friendly on campus.

I aim to work closely with Chartwells hospitality on campus to help ensure food wastage will be kept at a minimum and can be donated to the homeless or an on-campus food bank. I would like to give advice to these establishments to ensure they are recycling and following the standard set by The Hive.

“This environment is yours and what’s happening around you is important.
— Louis Huxley

This environment is yours and what's happening around you is important. This means that if you have any concerns or suggestions towards the building work that is happening on campus, I will happily put forward all feedback to the right people and assist in finding a solution.

I will be a voice for the students of Roehampton and feedback suggestions at university meetings to ensure their ideas are heard. I will be a committed officer and develop and review RSU and university policy to ensure these activities have minimal impact on the environment. ! !As a passionate environmentalist with a major interest in the wellbeing of others, I have the determination and integrity to move one step closer with the students of Roehampton to create a model university.