Students with Disabilities Officer

Lukas McCabe

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As students with and without disabilities at Roehampton, we should be able to take step-free access, relaxed performances and visually/sonically/socially manageable situations for granted.



            An alternative need is often a very personal and private part of a person’s life that is not always visible and should certainly not define them as a person. It is for that reason that I choose to keep my personal relationship with disability to myself, but it is also why I would like to run for Students with Disabilities Officer.

            A disability can cause so many headaches, such as memorising routes around campus that have step-free access, combing through TicketMaster to find when the relaxed performances are at the theatre and subtly trying to avoid sonically, visually or socially overwhelming situations.

            Although our Student Union and University have been fantastic in ensuring everyone at the Roey is able to get a good experience from their time at here, I believe there are still steps we need to take both as a University and as a society toward making life as a student with alternative needs that bit easier.

            If I am elected as your Students with Disabilities Officer, I will speak on your behalf (anonymously or in an identified fashion) about issues you are facing, whether you are an individual or a large group. I will also help us to guide the SU and the University in the direction of students with alternative needs being able to do as they please on campus without worrying about step free access, which performances of shows are most suited to them and avoiding situations which may be too overwhelming.