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As a first year disabled student I am very passionate about disability, both mental and physical. If given the chance to be disability officer I want to be to connect and understand all of Roehamptons disabled students and really figure out what it is that would help them have a more pleasant and enjoyable at university. Since I am a wheelchair user myself I believe that I have the best understanding of what it means to have a disability at university and I have a few things that I want to change myself. One thing I cannot ignore is the access at Fez and lack of thought when accommodating with students with physical disabilities and I believe that it is the universities duty to handle this. I understand that Fez cannot be completely renovated but a simple ramp would be useful, the lack of accessibility means that I have not been able to enjoy social nights out and it’s one of the first things I plan to change if elected.

However physical disability is the not the only thing that needs to be tackled mental health is something that cannot be ignored. I want to encourage more coverage, I believe more social events tackling this need to be arranged to help those with mental health feel more accepted. That’s the word I want to focus on acceptance, for all people with disabilities and I want to promote the message disabled and proud. Being disabled myself I am very understanding of the challenges people with disabilities face every day and have already made changes on campus to help solve the issues of accessibility by insisting they install a lift in the film building, proving I can make significant changes on campus.

“I want to focus on acceptance, for all people with disabilities and I want to promote the message disabled and proud.
— James Freeman


I also have experience dealing with disabled people thanks to my privilege of teaching disabled children wheelchair racing. I consider myself to be an excellent listener and that I’m able to communicate with people efficiently and effectively. I believe that both of these assets are key if you want to be a successful disability officer. I want to become a bridge between the students and the welfare officers, I wish to become a friendly and relatable face that people can relate with and feel safe around whenever they have an issue or problem regarding life at university. I want people to know that every problem is a problem worth solving no matter how small they believe it to be.

In conclusion I think I am eligible to run for disability officer because I can relate to the issues that disabled students encounter every day. I want to focus on mental health as I feel it needs more coverage, I believe that I am a warm and friendly person that is able to make some real changes for people around campus no matter what issue or problem they may have. I want to make Roehampton an enjoyable and pleasant place for everyone no matter how small or severe their disability is.