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Hello Lions and Lionesses, I’m Theo and I’m a 2nd year Drama student. From the day I joined the university I knew that I wanted to be closely involved with the college and the amazing team that we currently have. Fortunately, being a part of the Digby Stuart flat rep team has meant that I have had the chance to befriend, meet and speak with many of you which sure has been a pleasure. I would like to think of myself as approachable, comforting and a well-known face around the college so if you did elect me and have any questions or ideas then I’d be happy to hear any.

Being the biggest college is of course a great factor but I know it can mean that it is hard to feel like part of a close community; the plans I would like to put forward (if you elect me) are to create more social events between all Digby students; as I am currently the social sec of the Digby Lions I know what it takes and how to go about organising events for large groups of students. As many of us know, university can be a time when students feel pressured into drinking alcohol in order to have a good time which leads onto my plan of wanting to make more non-alcohol events such as film nights, college trips, gaming tournaments and inter-Digby competitions (between accommodations) as there’s nothing like some friendly rivalries.

As you may or may not know from Fez, Bop, Grand, occasionally my lectures and last but not least the Digby Strip I’m a confident and very committed student. I’d like to dedicate my time to making Digby Stuart even better than it currently is and getting all students involved with college activities such as the college cup and RAG events. I would also like to get more Digby students involved in Growhampton and to support you in any volunteering you may be interested in. I believe that creating a wider range of fundraising events could make more students want to get involved. I would like to meet regularly with Flat Reps and Off Campus Reps to listen to your ideas and work with you to create a better environment around the college.

Finally, I’m aware that starting university can be a very daunting and scary time so in response to this I’d like to give extra support to the new students joining the college in September. As a current Flat Rep I know what it is like to meet freshers and international students and how to help them feel comfortable in this new environment. Recently mental health problems in young adults have inclined and therefore I want to work in partnership with the welfare team. I’d also like to work closely with the other officers of the RSU to make sure that all students feel included and part of the pride.


If you have any questions feel free to ask!