Facebook Group for Parents and Carers 


University is challenging at the best of times for us all but imagine having a child, family member or friend who you look after on a regular basis on top of deadlines. This is just one example of students with carer responsibilities that I want to support.

Vote Kareena (Dora)

Students with Carers Responsibilities Officer (SWCR)

If elected I will arrange to

  1. Liaison with programme representatives and sabbatical roles to support emergency responsibilities that impact arrival and leaving early.


  1. Asking for help from welfare and other officers to set up support group for students with similar carer responsibilities


  1. Working with Richardson, mental health officer and disabilities officer to adapt well-being support to promote family therapy, legal advice, bereavement and caring for others with disabilities


  1. Advertising pre-existing activities each term to ensure students have a well deserved destress.


  1. Incorporating families into university events (Fresher’s week, graduation, theatre trips ) considering disabilities inclusion for carer’s benefit.E.G. Accessibility, family silent disco, child activities.


  1. Raising awareness of disabilities to reduce stigma and promote carers responsibilities using Interactive booths to encourage students to learn sign language and Braille


  2. Assistance from other officers to promote environmental family and carer solutions. E.G. Recipes, saving money, campus accessibility


  3. Working with off campus officer to ensure safe non-permanent accommodation for carer responsibilities emergencies.


  4. Representing SWCR at RSU meetings to register complaints, concerns, and updates from YOU.


    It is a challenging honourable exciting role to support SWCR, previous experience of family members and friends with disabilities has gave me a real insight into carer’s responsibilities.  I truly believe that SWCR (new and existing) could be further welcomed and supported at university by decreasing limits of exploring, but it is up to all of us, as students, to make a difference!


    ~Caring for the Carers~