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Off-Campus Accommodation Updates

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How can we help Off-Campus students? Here is a list from Maxina Pattison from Off-Campus Accommodation, to show just a small peak of what she does for students living off-campus.


Maxina’s List:

  1. Keep rents low and affordable. I meet landlords signed to the University (Studentpad) annually and discuss demand and rent levels. Demand has dropped significantly over the last 5 years and many landlords have not increased their rents. Currently there is a big difference in the rents on Studentpad to those on the open market. An average rent on studentpad is £450 pcm (rents range from £395 - £520 with a few exceptions rising above £520). On the open market students will pay between £550-£700+.
  2. Keep landlords updated with any changes to legislation. Have provided landlords training in UK Housing Law and Fire Risk Assessment. Also get landlords to agree to a very strict Code of Standards which ensures safety and a good service for our students.
  3. Help students with any problems, no matter how minor, to do with their off-campus accommodation, even when it involves a landlord/agent who is not registered with the University.
  4. Offer mediation for students who have a breakdown of relationships within their tenancy.
  5. Negotiate on behalf of the students for any overdue maintenance issues. This may involve reporting the landlord to Environmental Services.
  6. Help students who receive unfair deductions from their deposits or those who can't get their deposits back. For complicated cases I can refer students to free legal services.
  7. At the Accommodation Fair I do 3 presentations: (i) Off-campus Accommodation - Know your Rights; (ii) On-campus Accommodation for Continuing Students; and (iii) What Accommodation Can You Afford? - comparing cheapest against most expensive accommodation and showing students how to calculate using their maintenance loan amounts and deducting basic living costs such as rent, food, bills and mobile phone.
  8. For those students who want to rent from the open market, I advise them to check with me before they part with any money so that I can confirm it is a genuine agent. I will also check any paperwork. In the last year I have saved a number of students from being scammed by bogus agents or agents who are not operating legally. The pandemic has given some unscrupulous people the opportunity to take advantage of potential tenants who are naive.
  9. Help an increasing number of couples and families who need off-campus accommodation and have to find accommodation via the open market. I will negotiate on behalf of the student particularly if they are coming from abroad.


If you are an Off-Campus student who has any questions or needs help, you can contact Maxina Pattison at or the Accommodation team at


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