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AfroEats - Meet the RSU suppliers

Summer Ball, Jerk chicken & midnight meals. We sat down with AfroEats about the upcoming year!

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Annoh from AfroEats

What’s your fav meal on your menu right now?

There’s a lot of different meals in the street food market right now but its difficult to find something that hits all the senses. This one takes me back to the good old days of family parties, carnival and comfort. Got to be the dish that started it all - Jollof rice and jerk chicken!

What’s been your fav memory of the events at Roehampton.

Summer Ball 2022. Fantastic weather and a great team spirit working together to put spectacular production 

What excites you about working here at Roehampton?

It's the dream i always had when I was a student here to be dishing out food on campus. Its great to be able to meet people who are going through the same experiences I had at Roey, its always great to reminisce coming out the side in tact!

What can students expect from AfroEats?

Get ready for good vibes and great food. try something new or grab your favourite midnight meal. 

How can students follow you to check out your food?

Come visit us at Roehampton Uni events like Bop & follow us @Afroeats_uk and DM us to cater you next event!


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