NUS Student Sustainability Summit

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RSU at the NUS Student Sustainbility Summit

On Wednesday the 31st of October 2018, I had the opportunity to attend the Sustainability conference at Manchester Met University. As well as attending many informative workshops I was lucky to have the opportunity to present to other Universities about our Environmental Officer Matthew Delicate's Little Green Festival.

Matthew did an incredible job presenting and giving feedback about his own experiences from his campaign. One bit of advice that Matthew gave and I feel inclined to repeat this; that is when running a campaign the first thing you must realise ‘is no one will be as invested in the project as you’. This is not to put people off running campaigns but to help people realise that you should not judge a campaign by comparing your own level of investment to others. Matthew is keen to run the same festival again in February and I look forward to supporting him with this.

Throughout the day we attended different workshops around sustainability and I left the conference far more informed about the issues that affect us as a society. One of the workshops spoke about race within sustainability and focused heavily on the divide and impact of the global north and the global south. To quote one of the speakers ‘you cannot have conversations about sustainability without having the conversation on race’. A second workshop touched briefly upon NUS and their plans to lobby the government to make accessibility into the further or higher education for Refugees more accessible.

It was great to share experiences with other universities and I look forward to seeing how Roehampton Student Union continues to lead the way in sustainability.


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