RSU is coming to Whitelands!

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Last term we introduced a new little scheme at one of our colleges. Whitelands have often felt disconnected from our main campus – most events are held on our main campus, often in Froebel or Digby, and there is a 10-15 minute walk between the two campuses.

Naturally, we understand the frustration felt by Whitelands students, so we wanted to combat those and try to make them feel much more apart of our university. So, we did something about it.

Starting from last term, and certainly continuing into this term and the next, we now have an RSU desk in the main reception in Whitelands. Here, all of our staff takes it in turns to head over to Whitelands and set up at the desk. We carry on doing our own individual work while also being a face of the RSU for students to come and talk to, ask questions and find out some more information about our organisation.

Our desk is complete with our own branding and plenty of leaflets, flyers and posters packed full of information about our various departments in the RSU and how you can get involved!

So, if you have a question you’d like to ask us but you live on Whitelands or are in a lecture on Whitelands, you no longer have to walk 15 minutes to ask it! You can simply pop into the main reception and head to our desk! You can also contact us via Twitter (RoehamptonSU) and Facebook (Roehampton Students’ Union – RSU) as usual.

That’s not the only presence the RSU now have on Whitelands, though! We’re fully aware of how popular (and delicious!) The Hive Café are – they sell the best coffee on campus, after all. But you’re not going to want to walk all that way to grab a coffee or a healthy meal, especially on the freezing days that have filled the last couple of months and will undoubtedly fill the upcoming months too (it is England, after all).

That’s why we’ve moved The Hive Ambulance over to Whitelands! The ambulance will be there again from next week and will be there permanently, just outside the main reception. You can grab your favourite drinks and snacks from the ambulance without having to walk all that way!

The Hive, and indeed the RSU, have now come to you!


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