Nominations now open!

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The RSU 2018 Elections are rapidly approaching. 
Term two has officially begun and if you;ve thought about running for an elected position at the RSU here’s all you need to know. 

Nominations open on January 17th at Midday. You can nominate yourself for any of the 27 roles, just make sure you’re eligible – for example only Students from Whiteland’s, can run for Whiteland’s President (obviously!). Take a look at the full list of positions below:


– SU President
– Vice President: Education
– Vive President: Welfare & Community
– Digby Stuart President
– Digby Stuart Deputy President
– Froebel President
– Froebel Deputy President
– Southlands President
– Southlands Deputy President
– Whitelands President
– Whitelands Deputy President
– Mount Clare Site Rep
- Off-Campus Officer
– Sport Roehampton President (Male)
– Sport Roehampton President (Female)
– BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) Students Officer 
– Students With Disabilities Officer
– International Students Officer
– Environmental Officer
– LGBTQ+ Officer
- Trans Students Officer 
– Postgraduate & Mature Students Officer

- Students With Caring Responsibilities Officer 
– Gender Equality Officer
– Male Interfaith Officer

- Female Interfaith Officer

-  Mental Health Officer


If any of these roles interest you have a think about nominating yourself! You have until the 9th of March at 2pm. You can nominate yourself online or in person at the RSU.

Running for a role is an amazing experience, one where you can learn a lot and gain valuable new skills, as well as improving existing ones, skills will be gained and improved upon simply by running for a role, regardless of whether you win or not. (If you do win, however, you’ll be joining a fantastic team full of individuals keen to improve students’ lives and make their university experience the best one possible.)

But to have this awesome opportunity you need to nominate yourself. “But how?” I hear you cry. Hold on tight, and read the below…



You’ll need 12 signatures. You’ll need to get 3 signatures from each college (Froebel, Digby Stuart, Southlands, Whitelands).


You’ll need 8 signatures. If you’re running for a President or Deputy President position, all 8 need to be from the college you’re running for. If you’re running for any other part-time officer position, you’ll need to get 2 signatures from students of each college (Froebel, Digby Staurt, Southlands, Whitelands).

As long as you get those, you’ll be good to go! After that, there will be a candidate briefing and a couple of key candidate training sessions, which you MUST attend, but we will let you know about them once you’;ve nominated yourself. 

Your nomination form should be submitted by the 9th of March at 2pm, while your manifesto must be completed by 10am on the 12th of March. Then, a few days later on the 15th, campaigning can officially begin!

Head to our website for further information and complete details of the elections process, drop in and see us at the RSU on Froebel college or email But, for now, if you’re thinking about nominating yourself for a role, why not, you’ve got nothing to lose. We’re here with you , and you can be here with us making Roehampton the greatest it can be!

Good luck!



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