Bop themes for Term 2 have been announced!

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We know how important Bop is to all of you. It’s the end of the week night-out that keeps you going through all those lectures, assignments and exams. But you wanted to have a bit more say about the theme of each week’s Bop, so you can dress up to the theme you chose! Well, we, more than happily, have obliged.

Over the past week, we’ve had a survey up allowing you to vote on what Bop themes you wanted. We had a choice of 14 different themes, with seven Bop’s to give themes to. That of course means that only half of the themes we offered have been chosen, but that means they are all great themes – no fluff or filler here!

We asked you to select your favourite five themes from the list – once that was done, we collected the results and found the top five Bop themes with the most votes. The results are now in and the seven Bop themes chosen by you are as follows:

- Glitter
- Neon & Rave
- Masquerade
- Carnival
- Film & TV
- Heroes & Villains

The exact dates and themes will be confirmed in the next few days and will be available on our WHAT'S ON page.






We hope a few of your favourites made the list but if not, we’re you’ll still have a great time either way! Start planning those outfits and get down to those party shops! We can’t wait to see all of you dressed up in your chosen themes! Happy Bopping!



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