5 Myths You Thought Were True About RSU Sabbs

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Sabbatical Officers work for free.

TRUTH: Our full-time Sabbatical Officers get paid a salary of over £22k per year.


MYTH #2 
Working at the RSU doesn’t help your career or CV.

TRUTH: Our officer roles provide one of the most varied CVs possible! Checking problem solving, decision making, negotiating, project management and communications skills off the list too. PLUS training to develop yourself for your role and for the future.



Sabbs don't make any difference to the University.

TRUTH: Our Sabbs play a key role in influencing the decisions which affect all the students at UoR. Your role as part of the student council will mean you will be representing the student voice and supporting part-time officers in making key decisions to make UoR the best it can be!


MYTH #4:
Being a Sabb would be boring.

TRUTH: Being a sabb will allow you to test yourself, by having a role that is challenging, demanding, exciting and rewarding. You will also support over 350 programme reps, 20 part time officers, and over 8,500 students. Phew!


MYTH #5 
Only ex-College Presidents and 3rd years can apply for Sabbatical Roles!

TRUTH: ANYONE can apply for a Sabbatical role! if you're not in your final year, you will have to take a year out of your studies. But if you want to make Roehampton a better place for everyone and help students from across the campus’ have the best possible experience, then there could be a role for you!



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