Event Description

Wassail & Fire

Tuesday 25 January 2022

3:30pm - 6pm

Old Orchard, Froebel Campus


Wassailing is an ancient ceremony where communities gather in an orchard in the depth of winter to celebrate the humble apple tree and wish a bountiful harvest to the orchard for the season ahead.

In order to scare away evil spirits and to invigorate the trees, those celebrating the Wassail sing, play music, bang pots and pans, and generally make as much noise as possible! As with many traditions, food and drink also form a significant part of the festivities. Wassail is essentially a hot, mulled beverage – perfect for the cold January weather,

Join Growhampton in a celebration as we light a fire and put on a Wassail performance fit for the Old Orchard of Roehampton. Bring your pots & pans to make some noise, plus a hat / gloves to keep warm. Hot, mulled apple juice will be provided free of charge for those attending. 


The event takes place in the Old Orchard located just off the gravel path that runs between Froebel Lake and the Library.