Candidate for the position of Students with Disabilities Officer

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El Clark

Empowered from application to graduation

I'm El, a disabled student in my second year, and in 2023 I'm running for Students with Disabilities Officer (SWDO).

In this role, I'd like to empower disabled and neurodivergent students through equal access for all. As president of the Disabled and Neurodivergent Society on campus and as a physically disabled student myself, I know that starting at or returning to uni as a person with a disability or disabilities can be uniquely challenging for all sorts of reasons. As SWDO, I intend to make sure that disabled and neurodivergent students from all backgrounds and all walks of life receive the same high quality of uni life and education as able-bodied and neurotypical students.

As SWDO, I'd like to implement accessible campus tours, student mentorship specifically aimed at those with disabilites and neurodivergence, and provide a helping hand to any students - new or returning - who might be struggling to have their access needs met on campus.

I'm extremely passionate about equity and inclusion for disabled and neurodivergent students, and I think this comes across in my work with the Disabled and Neurodivergent Society as well as my off-campus volunteering with various disabled people's organisations. I hope that you'll consider voting for me as students with disabilities officer, to ensure disabled and neurodivergent students are empowered at Roehampton from application to graduation.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to contact me on my campaign instagram @El4DisabledStudents!