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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Community and Welfare)

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Guil Marcondes

Hello fellow students,


My name is Guil.


Many of you may know me as I always talk a lot during our classes; however, you may not know why I ended up at Roehampton.


I joined the Air Force when I was 17; after many years, I resigned and did some other works, mainly helping my father, a former Ambassador. Last year I was in hospitality and commercial Aviation; however, my position was affected by the Covid-19, and there was when I decided to start Law school at the University of Roehampton.


Now I’m running to the student council as a VP of Community & Welfare, and having your support would be brilliant and essential to our victory and success.


Every student well-being is definitely crucial. Either the student is on-campus or off-campus, facilitating all student welfare and offering the same experience opportunities to all is essential.


It may be difficult for certain groups of students to adapt to academic life; perhaps, a mature or international student may fell an extra weigh when it comes to succeeding in the academic years. Efficient support would be an important tool to lead all to outstanding achievements. I will work hard to provide all assistance that all student may need.


Many students living on-campus or off-campus require some hours of paying job to cope with their expenses, and extra support and ideas in these very difficult times would also be essential. Most students would highly appreciate efficient communication between the University and companies willing to employ students.


This year, I realised that Roehampton has the smartest and clever students; they are all friendly and welcoming; I believe we can use those talents and promote interactions between ourselves and perhaps competition between other universities, creating a great connection between ourselves and we will surely succeed.


Assessments and deadlines can be frustrating and lead to high levels of stress. Providing alternatives to deadlines and assessments could prevent those stressful situations and swap to a more enjoyable experience.


In general, I believe that my background experiences, speaking fluently four languages and especially working with my father in the embassies, would lead and help us to great success and achievements.


Together we will succeed, no matter how difficult it is, remember “ Yes we can and Yes we will”.


Thank You.