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Candidate for the position of Chair of Students' Union Council

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Daniel Guy Johnson

Sit back and let Dan be Chair

My name is Dan Johnson, I am a second year Classical Civilisations student. I am currently a Flat rep in one of the largest flats in Elm Grove as well as being President of the Music Society, Vice President of Esports and the Men’s Rowing Captain. I believe that I should be the Chair of Students’ Union Council.

During my time in these roles, I’ve already had the opportunity to meet and work with plenty of amazing people, make great memories, and see many positive changes. Though I want to continue to further develop these changes and help better the student experience at Roehampton.

I have an expanse of experience in presenting on stage, in public and in school. I have debated for 6 years, sung solos in front of hundreds of listeners and gotten qualifications in Public Speaking.

I study Classics which consists of a large amount of discussion and debate on peoples' opinions and ideas, this enables me to be impartial to decisions in front of me, to make decisions based upon both sides of the argument which is presented to me.

I am punctual with meetings and my attendance is consistent. I can dedicate my time to this role to help our student body resolve issues with ease. Along with my experience online in video calls and ability to manipulate Zoom to assist the discussions, I believe I would be a great.

Stay Safe


Dan Johnson