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Candidate for the position of Froebel College Deputy President

Image for Amba Robson

Amba Robson

Red, Green... Amba!

Hi! I’m Amba, a 2nd year Primary Education student and I am running for your next Froebel Deputy. 


As the Froebel community continues to grow and change constantly, COVID has had massive effects on the college. COVID has affected the college’s morale, the ability to meet our peers and uphold the traditional pride and tight-knit friendships formed. I intend to get Froebel back on track for the new academic year. 


If I am elected I will:  

  • Ensure all women in the college feel safe and represented. With the college being majority female, it is essential all women living and studying in the college feel safe and support to all women be provided to both on and off campus students. Therefore Flat Reps will receive further training on how to intervene and support students if someone feels unsafe. Also, I will provide a safe space for all women to voice their concerns and suggestions on how to improve the college and how they can feel safer. 
  • Support new flat reps by providing an all-in-one starter pack, ensuring they are able to support their new flatmates overall and specifically regarding post-COVID effects on mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Rebuild and strengthen the college pride among all students. This will be through supporting the Zeebras and their football games, the Zeebrettes and reintroducing the Froebel chants and traditions. 
  • Organise regular Froebel events, including the traditional and staple events such as Froebel Formal dinner, Christmas Dinner, Froebel Off-Campus Nights and summer events. One of the biggest and most popular events is the Froebel Holiday which will be making a massive and exciting comeback for 2021/22! As well as these events, new ideas will be introduced to Froebel to increase a sense of community and participation. These include bigger and better events such as a Froebel Lawn party, accommodation block vs block challenges, and themed nights at the Union and Bop. 
  • Promote the College Cup by ensuring there are a wide range of teams and participants wanting to be involved as well as diverse representation from across the whole college including off-campus students. 


If given this opportunity, I want to give the students of Froebel a chance to regain the year taken away by COVID by providing new and exciting events, boosting college pride and support to all Froebel students and Flat Reps. It’s time for a refresh and what better way to do it than starting this September with me as your Deputy President of Froebel College.