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Candidate for the position of RSU President

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Omiana Fraser Kellman

Together we will make it ! Hello my name is Omiana Fraser Kellman, I am a foundation student, I'm a humanity Extended Degree Student Reps and I am running to be your RSU President. I want empower every student and support your interest, create programmes to offer you the support that you need during your time here, tailor issued that you are facing and to create solution for them. While making your time here at the university of Roehampton memorable .

 My Manifestos

As your President !

  • To create programmes and events  to celebrate ,integrate and support each student achievement.
  • To assist students who are struggling with their curriculum.
  • To be a positive role model for all students and to raise awareness of disability.
  • To create funds to help  students that are financially challenge and improve communication amount students  through diverse programmes.
  • To be your voice and a support for those who need it.
  • To create programme to help new students both local and international to transit to university life.
  • To create a platform  where students can discuss matters affecting them.
  • Overall,  I want you to have a great experience and have every resources available to you when needed.

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