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Kharis on Campus Society

About Kharis on Campus Society

Guess what ??
Today we will be having our virtual meet and greet for Welcome week on zoom for 7pm, 

Make sure you are there??

We will be having activities such as would you rather and kahoot, and of course the word of God.

The link to join today fellowship will be below.

I hope to see you there

personal meeting: 223 3054979

About us:

Kharis On Campus Roehampton is a Christian based society that helps our  members know more about God through our fellowship meetings and social events. We help students be able to balance their student life and their Christian life.

Our meetings includes:

Activities, Spoken word and most importantly the word of God. The main aim of our fellowships is that you grow stronger in the word and in God.

When is our fellowship:

Join us every Tuesday at 7pm!!!  From October the 6th our fellowships will resume and be held on zoom due to the nature of the current government guidelines about COVID 19







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