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Psychology Society



About us:

A society created by keen psychology students for fellow psychology students or just anyone interested in psychology!

We aim to help you out academically as much as we can through educational talks, workshops on essays and stats, and even our own buddy up system! We will also be there to provide support throughout your journey at Roehampton, offering wellbeing and check in groups as well as being a point of contact if you need advice.

And of course lots of fun social activities from pizza and movie nights, games nights, switch off hours, debates, podcast and lots more socials! All of our activities will be psychologically rooted or have a psychological theme, there will also be opportunities to go on field trips to museums and conferences.   

To find out more or to keep up to date with everything do follow our social media page and if you have any questions, ideas or want to be involved contact us through our society email!



Committee 2019/2020

President - Megan Salvin

Vice President -  Helene Jee Yung Staurseth

Treasurer - Nicholai Randolf Martin

Media Designer - Jheza Morales 


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Psychology Society Committee 2020/12