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Substance Use and Mental Health

This article will raise your awareness of the different types of  drugs and alcohol and the common short and long-term effects associated with each of

Crisis Support Space

I am currently working on creating a safe space for students who are in mental health crisis during the night. This space would provide students in cr



What are the UCU Strikes?

Information on the UCU Strikes taking place in November and what it means.

SABB Statement: Iran Crisis

We at Roehampton stand in solidarity with the Iranian and Kurdish women and men who are sacrificing their lives to fight for human rights and are protesting for a better future.


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SU Council 1, Round Up: 18th October 2022

A round up of Student Union Council 1 on 18th October 2022

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    Policy Changes and Additions to Ensure Campus is Accessible for All students

      I would like to propose a university wide accessibility campaign to review the current structures we have in place and introduce new additions to support our students with disabilities. I believe that our current services are limited in multiple ways and that such a campaign would be beneficial towards ensuring the university is a safe and inclusive environment that supports diversity. Entering, Exiting, and Using Buildings on Campus All buildings must have automated doors both to access the building and to enter specific accessible flats. Examples of this are the Southlands Reef, the centre of the community for Southlands, does not have automatic doors. Many ground floor accommodations have automated entrances, but the individual flats do not. Tighter measures to prevent students from propping doors open. As well as being a major security and fire hazard, obstructions on the floor could pose a major difficulty for those with mobility issues. Immediate response as a top priority from security if the alarm is triggered in an accessible toilet. There has been an instance where the alarm was sounded in David Bell, and it took around ten minutes for security to arrive. Pathways around campus All pathways and routes around campus must be regularly checked and maintained to ensure they are accessible for everyone. An example of this is the pathway along the humanities buildings in Digby Stuart College which has many potholes and is not accessible. Where routes around campus which may become inaccessible due to weather conditions, such as the pathways around Frobel lawn, there must always be an alternative accessible route. Fire Safety Ensure all refuge points are correctly detailed with the correct times one can shelter there. (The refuge points in the library do not have these). Ensure all students who need it have and fully understand their personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEP). These plans must be made well known so those with short-term limitations, such as the use of crutches, can also have their own plan made. Academic Support Students who require support workers or any assistance must be able to access their timetables with plenty of time in advance so they can make arrangements.
    Lalene Malik
    5:33pm on 5 Oct 22 As a MA student in Human Rights and International Relations, I totally agree with your idea. People and students with disabilities are one of the main victims of barriers to accessible buildings, such as: not having step-free access to buildings, having a building that only allocates students using stairs and not having lifts so that people and students with disabilities can use it freely. Individuals flats should also have buildings accessible to disabled people so that they can enter and leave the buildings just like other students.
    Elisabeth Petts
    4:31pm on 7 Oct 22 I would love the opportunity to discuss my experience as a new student who is a wheelchair user. My first week was really challenging for me because of accessibility issues. My pass didn't work to open the library door or the disabled bathroom in Queens Building. I actually got trapped in the bathroom on my very first day because someone had let me in my my pass wouldn't work to let me out, so I ended up needing to pull the emergency cord! I also had problems with the disabled toilets being unclean and not having toilet roll in, or being absolutely covered in water. I had to go to Nest 3 times to get my pass sorted, hopefully it does work now. I also had issues with the lift in QB not working correctly, and I had to miss a class because of this. I believe that has been solved now but it was a very stressful start and there is definitely room for improvement. As mentioned above, I agree that automatic doors and smooth paths are also key to being full accessible. Especially in cases when door might be heaving and where there are 2 doors in a row, as that can be difficult to manage. People have been very kind in helping me out, but independence is always preferable & I hate having to ask for help!
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