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Substance Use and Mental Health

This article will raise your awareness of the different types of  drugs and alcohol and the common short and long-term effects associated with each of



RSU gets a mention in the House of Commons

MP for Putney, Roehampton, Southfields calls for the government to take more action on sexual harassment and violence.

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RSU Elections 2022 - Results

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      Yesterday, the University announced that they are bringing in charges for outdoor washing machines. These machines are currently free of charge and have been since at least 2018 when I began my time at University. *** The message is as follows. From 20 October these machines will charge the following: 8kg wash: £2.30 18kg wash: £4.10 18kg dry: £2.30 The machines will be equipped with card readers to take payments. ***** We understand that the current financial climate has led to price increases across the University on a variety of products/facilities. However, attending BOP is not a necessity, it is a choice (rising from 5 pounds to 6.5 pounds this year). Washing your clothes is not a choice, and should not cost this much (if anything at all!), especially when considering the high rent prices. On the basis that a student washes their clothes just once a week - one large load (18kg) or two smaller loads (8kg), and then one dry (all loads altogether), this will cost on average $6.40 - 7 (pounds). This means that students can be spending around 30 pounds a month just to have clean clothes, and this is only if the student does the washing once per week. Further, a typical student accommodation contract is 37 weeks. If you add together 7 pounds per week , across the 37 week contract, this is equal to 260 pounds...just to wash your clothes!! Some students rely on free washing, and such additional costs per month will put further stress onto students during such challenging times. There will also be other students who will typically pay for their washing, though during times of financial struggle, whether that's weeks before a Student Loan payment, or a few days before pay-day, or when the washing room is flooded (a fairly regular occurrence), these students will also rely on the FREE outdoor machines. This is not a suggestion that all washing facilities should be free during this time, but that the option must remain open to those who will undoubtedly need it. If you are living on-campus, and do not wish to pay over 250 pounds to wash your clothes then UPVOTE this idea. By doing so, the Student's Union Council (made up of your Student Officers) will vote as an organization as whether to support this idea, or to oppose it. With support from the Student's Union, we become closer to stopping this charge being enforced.
    Demi Galanakis
    7:35pm on 8 Oct 21 Please don’t add a charge on the washing ????
    Anne Peggy Sengpiel
    9:08pm on 8 Oct 21 No. No, no and no. Please do not add charges to these machines. And such high ones, as well.
    Laura Nielsen
    12:38am on 9 Oct 21 This would be absolutely ridiculous. Do not charge $$ for outdoor washing.
    Georgia Maria Chapman De Almeida
    1:55pm on 10 Oct 21 That’s awful that’s the whole reason why people use them because as uni students we can’t afford £5 to do our own washing! With the inside ones 10p increase as well? Washing and drying should cost the same and should be affordable for students
    Isobella Clark
    12:55am on 11 Oct 21 There shouldn’t be any charge for any washing machines at all. There should be outside washing machine near every accommodation made possible as well. If you are a student in whitelands or Chadwick or mount Clare you are not going to want to walk that far to wash clothes for free
    Lalene Malik
    4:29pm on 12 Oct 21 I just think that is it ridiculous for the price to wash your clothes is increasing! Honestly, on-campus students have to pay for their rents, have to pay for their groceries (food that they have ordered directly to uni), pay for essential stuff they need for the kitchen and their bedroom. I know for a fact that my friends who live on-campus have to pay for washing their clothes- and now this new price changes being introduced, it will make them angry and be put off. We need clean clothes every day and to be priced at this ridiculous money- I have no words.
    Sophie Jane Hall
    3:16pm on 13 Oct 21 This is ridiculous!!! The free machines were incredibly ACCESSIBLE to those who needed them. With these new charges you're taking away that accessibility to students. When students are PAYING for accommodation, this service should be included!! You wouldn't get charged to wash clothes in a landlords flat... For many students between eating and washing clothes this should NOT be a decision you have to weigh up which one is better value for money. We understand university is a business to make money but there are better ways to do it than charging washing machines... like come on.
    Lorena Russo
    8:23pm on 15 Oct 21 When you rent a house with washing machine you don't pay extra to wash your clothes, the same should be for people renting out accomodation.
    Hannah Bensaad
    3:14pm on 18 Oct 21 there will be a massive amount of students that will not be able to afford that, this is not very supportive of the university.
    Cerys Isobel Conway
    12:14pm on 20 Oct 21 U cannot expect us to pay for this when we pay nearly £3K for rent per term - pls re think this
    Gabriella Louisa Seager Philp
    12:26pm on 20 Oct 21 We shouldn’t have to pay to do washing we are already paying a lot to stay here
    Ilias Prevyzis
    12:41pm on 20 Oct 21 Why should we have to pay to use the washing machines? Halls are already over-priced, charging a whole lot more for a room than it is worth because we have no choice in the matter. To make matters worse, freshers up and down the country have to deal with the pain that is Circuit Laundry. We pay £9,000 a year plus over £7,000 a year for accommodation, we shouldn’t have to go into our overdraft to have our clothes clean :)
    Matthew Paul Sterritt
    1:27pm on 20 Oct 21 Cheaper to buy new clothes at Primark at this rate
    Chloe Yeoman
    2:47pm on 20 Oct 21 How they can expect us to pay for washing machines that are designed to be free to support students who can't afford any other places on campus is actually disgusting. Especially when they have overcharged us for accommodation and each year raise the costs.
    Silvana Patricia Paz Sanchez
    5:01pm on 20 Oct 21 This is simply ridiculous!!!! Rent prices in elm grove are already so expensive, and now we also have to PAY to wash our clothes? What’s next? Having to pay water and electricity bills? Renting a home off-campus is cheaper and if it includes a washing machine they’re not gonna charge us more per use. This is NONSENSE!
    Isobel Fergusson
    6:36pm on 20 Oct 21 So the rent in elm has increased £300 this year alongside the washing machines no longer being free. This is ridiculous, the uni is making a vast profit of elm students alone surely they can afford to let us keep the washers free. We are students and are living off virtually nothing anyway we shouldn’t have to go broke to have clean clothes!!
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