RSU Awards 2021 - The Results

Take a look at the nominees and winners at this years RSU Awards

The Big RSU Survey Update (18/05/21)

Here's a quick update about how The Big RSU Survey is performing and some exciting news on some NEW prizes!

Roehampton Students' Union Launches Strategic Planning Exercise

Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to you, the students, to find out what we should be prioritising in the future.

RSU Elections 2021 - Your RSU Officers

Take a look at who will be the RSU Sabbatical and Part-Time Officers for the academic year 2021/22.

White Claw's Wave of Summer Quiz ft The Provibers

White Claw's Wave of Summer Quiz ft The Provibers. Get your ticket and two free cans of White Claw by going to

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    Accomodation refund

      While the £750 rebate was appreciated, this wasn't calculated based on the rent the student pays. For someone in Elm Grove this was little under 4 weeks of rent rebated for flats which have barely been used. Students had their contracts waivered in April last year, so we should've been offered the same this year. Contracts have a COVID clause but any reference to this and students are still not allowed to end their contracts. Other universities have offered reductions or refunds so we should too. For some, that money could be better used on food or essentials in the places they're actually using. Why are we not allowed money back for a service we have barely used?
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